Day 2 – Complete!

21 Feb

2 days down, 28 to go! I’m honestly surprised that I’ve even completed two days. I never make it this far when I try things that are this extreme! 

Today was…decent. It definitely wasn’t as easy as yesterday. I blame it on first-day excitement. Today was strange. My eyes hurt! It was almost like a headache, but was located directly behind my eyes. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before. All I wanted to do was close my eyes so that they wouldn’t hurt. The sun was in my eyes while I was driving home from work and my eyes were watering and I was squinting in actually pain. I hope the feeling goes away after a good night’s sleep. 

I still didn’t crave anything today. I almost absentmindedly grabbed a handful of mini chocolate eggs, but then remembered that I couldn’t do that! So i opted for a hot cup of herbal chai instead and quickly forgot that I wanted the chocolate. I haven’t felt hungry yet, either. I get a little bit hungry right before it’s mealtime. It’s amazing! Usually I can’t even prepare food without eating some, and I made my whole chili recipe without even feeling hungry. I had to wait an hour or two after it was ready to even eat it, because I just wasn’t hungry! I’m realizing how much I’ve always eaten absentmindedly instead of out of hungry. I’m already loving this new relationship I’m forming with food. Despite my strange eye-headache and slight tiredness, I feel good. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy to workout. I’ve worked out twice this week, and my goal is 4-5 times per week. I can do it! 

Surprisingly, I haven’t even craved coffee. I usually drink SUGARY, CREAMY coffee a lot. And by a lot, I mean I usually have two giant cups of coffee with french vanilla coffee creamer in the morning, and then by the afternoon I’ll either have another giant cup with creamer, or I’ll have a grande or venti iced soy latte or iced americano with soy. (Does anyone actually drink the tall size?) Thankfully, I switched to mostly decaf a few months back because all the caffeine was making me shaky and was effecting my sleep. I’ve thought about having decaf coffee with coconut milk during this process, but…what the heck. I only drank the stuff for the cream/soy milk/sugar. I don’t need to supplement it with something else. Green tea will have to do! 

Today’s food recap:

3 eggs, scrambled with salt and pepper in coconut oil with avocado on top and a few chunks of grilled chicken
Cup of strawberries and blackberries
Green tea

Chili-lime chicken, 2-3 cups mixed greens with avocado dressing 
1 cup steamed broccoli (I dislike broccoli)

Chocolate chili with lettuce and avocado on top (AMAZING!)
1/2 a large beet, two medium sized carrots
Small handful of blueberries
Small handful of macadamia nuts

So that’s all! Goodbye to day 2 and on to day 3! Here’s to a good solid 8 hours of sleep, which I am VERY much looking forward to. 

– K


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